Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Batman 30 Years Later?

30 years on and Tim Burton's classic is still one of the best Batman films ever made.

Warner Bros

30 years ago, Tim Burton delivered on a dream a select few producers had been trying to do for a long time: he released a big screen Batman movie that delighted fans and announced the character as one of the most valuable brands in cinema.

After Adam West's camp vision for the Caped Crusader had turned fans - and more importantly studios - off the idea of Batman movies, Burton defied expectations of his own ability (he was basically still an untested blockbuster film-maker) and of his star, Michael Keaton, and caught lightning in a bottle.

His vision was dark but funny, gritty but emotionally true and full of the kind of irresistibly charming grotesques that Burton's career has been built on. Helpfully, they fit the established idea of Gotham City perfectly.

Even now, Batman is incredibly entertaining, not least because of the performances by Keaton and Jack Nicholson, and modern Batman film-makers can still learn a lot from it. But how much do you remember about it?

Answers at the end!

1. During The Opening Titles, Which Actor Got Top Billing?


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