Rampage Review: 6 Ups & 5 Downs

Deliciously dumb trash.

Rampage Dwayne Johnson
Warner Bros.

The latest attempt to break the so-called "video game movie curse" is in cinemas now, and while Dwayne Johnson's Rampage isn't quite the fully persuasive streak-ender you'd hope for, it is a pretty decent, brainless action flick.

Critics are skewing mixed-to-positive on it so far, basically lauding and critiquing exactly the elements you'd expect. It sadly hasn't quite crossed into critically Fresh territory, but it's certainly within spitting distance, which is nothing if not encouraging.

Needless to say, if you're craving intellectual nourishment this weekend, there are better films to watch, but if you're after relentlessly dumb, CGI-driven madness, it just might scratch the itch. Drinking beforehand is optional, but certainly recommended.

Could Dwayne Johnson be doing so much more with his career right now? Absolutely. Could this film have taken its premise even further than it does? Totally. But does it mostly deliver on the delightful stupidity suggested by its marketing? Yes-siree...


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