Ranking: 10 Highest Grossing Movies Of Summer 2017

DC teaches Marvel a thing or two.

Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

With the summer movie season coming to an end, it's safe to say that the box office big-hitters are very much set in stone at this point, and there's nothing left to come down the pike and obliterate the firmly-set pecking order.

Though box office revenue was once again down on last summer as more audiences than ever turned to streaming services over trips to the cinema, there were still a ton of success stories that ensured the experience of going to the movies remains a cherished experience for hundreds of millions of people.

That's not to assume that all of these movies were great times out, mind, but whether they proved modest hits or blew past expectations, they were nevertheless the best-of-show performers at this summer's global box office.

Even with several big tentpole franchises pulling lesser returns than expected, the viability of these blockbuster movies (and superhero films in particular) proves that there's always going to be a desire to see big-budget action on the hugest screen that people can find...


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