Ranking All Of The Live-Action Disney Remakes

From Happily Ever After to Hellfire...


In recent years, Walt Disney Studios has stumbled into a gold-mine: recycling their animated films by remaking them as live-action films.

On the one hand, it leads to even more established intellectual properties taking the spotlight away from potential new stories. But on the other hand, it offers filmmakers and audiences a chance to experience these films in an entirely new way. What better way to gauge and measure the changes in pop culture than to compare two versions of the same film, made decades apart?

This also offers filmmakers the unique opportunity to provide commentary within these films themselves. While some have certainly been straight-up remakes, more often than not, these films have made tweaks both big and small to the original story. And it is here that these films can get really interesting.

So with Christopher Robin hitting theaters and with nearly a dozen more of these live-action remakes on the way in the next few years (!), let's take a look back at the films that have been released so far under this business model. To see what worked, what didn't, and what fell strangely in the middle.


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