Ranking All Of The Live-Action Disney Remakes

10. Alice In Wonderland


At first glance, it seems like a perfect fit. Tim Burton, the modern master of all things macabre and Expressionism-inspired, taking on Alice in Wonderland, one of Disney's trippiest and most out-there properties. One could easily see a potential version of this resulting in an all-out Burton classic, that could sit proudly alongside the likes of Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands.

Alas, what audiences actually got in 2010 was a trainwreck. From the narrative to the visuals to the casting, everything about this film is about as colossally misguided as possible.

Burton opts to adapt a mish-mash of Carroll's work rather than just Alice in Wonderland. Instead, he essentially rips the story from the original Alice Through the Looking Glass novel, only to then copy-and-paste the most iconic sequences from Dinsey's original film. To top things off, he slaps on a big CGI final battle in which Alice has to slay a dragon, referred to as a Jabberwocky in the film's limpest attempt at tying into Carroll's source material.

The movie simultaneously wants to be a nostalgic trip back into Wonderland and a dark and gritty look at the real Underland. The end result is a film that is a disgrace to Carroll's original stories and Disney's animated film.


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