Ranking Every Billion Dollar Movie - From Worst To Best

31. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Transformers Dark Of The Moon Bumblebee
Paramount Pictures

Box Office: $1,123,794,07

There are actually very few movies that have made more than a billion dollars that are bad, but the first Transformers sequel definitely is. On the back of a first movie that was nowhere near as bad as some might claim, the sequel dumbed the material down, added in an even more vapid, objectified female lead and inspired Shia Labeouf to offer up his worst ever performance.

There are some impressive moments of spectacle, as you'd expect from Michael Bay, but this was the first real step towards decline for the franchise - not least because it allowed Paramount to stumble on a formula whereby decreased quality didn't really impact box office take.

But hey, at least they can all claim to have been ripped off by The Avengers with their flying woodlouse thing.

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