Ranking Every Christopher Nolan Protagonist From Worst To Best

Is Batman the best?

The Dark Knight Christian Bale
Warner Bros.

Christopher Nolan has had one Hell of a career so far, rising over two decades of filmmaking to become one of the most reliably bankable and acclaimed directors working in blockbuster cinema today.

Nolan hasn't reached that peak without serving up an array of memorable, compelling and highly entertaining protagonists, from his famed iteration of The Dark Knight to the young protagonist of his latest effort, Dunkirk.

Whether building his characters from the ground-up with his own script or working from other material, Nolan's protagonists are typically suffering through grand turmoil, particularly psychologically, and thanks to his collaborations with a litany of incredible actors, has helped craft some of the most memorable movie leads of the last twenty years.

However, only one can emerge on top, so will blockbuster bombast prevail, or will the winner in fact emerge from the director's lower-budget endeavours? Is Batman the one to rule them all, or will one of Nolan's less-iconic creations sneak past? It's time to find out...


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