Ranking July 2017's Movies From Worst To Best

Marvel, Nolan and Apes. Who won?

War For The Planet Of The Apes Spider Man Homecoming Dunkirk
Fox, Marvel Studios, Warner Bros.

July has been a great month for film fans, with not a single major release being critically panned, and movies with "mixed reviews" being the worst that audiences had to suffer through.

With a smorgasbord of acclaimed art-house hits and long-awaited blockbusters alike, the past month has demonstrated Hollywood at its absolute best.

Netflix also continued with their crusade to release countless well-received films from the festival circuit every month, giving film buffs even more quality cinema to soak in without having to get out of bed.

But what about August, then? While there's the questionable likes of Luc Besson's Valerian, The Emoji Movie and The Nut Job 2 to deal with, there's also Atomic Blonde, A Ghost Story, the oddly promising Annabelle: Creation, The Dark Tower, The Hitman's Bodyguard, American Made, Detroit and Logan Lucky to hopefully balance things out. Get hype.

17. Song To Song

Song to Song
Broad Green Pictures

RottenTomatoes Score: 43% (5.3/10 average score)

Box Office: Terrence Malick rarely discloses the budgets of his films, but with his latest not even grossing $1 million at the box office despite its all-star cast, it's a dud for sure.

Verdict: Malick delivers another divisive effort with this romantic drama set in the Texan music scene. Malick aficionados will be very much at home here, with flowery, whispery monologues, long takes of A-list actors staring wistfully into the distance, and a lot of fish-eye lenses.

However, Song to Song is at least 20 minutes too long and mileage will massively vary on how meaningful it all seems, but at least it's like nothing else out there right now.


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