Ranking: Nicolas Cage's Straight-To-Video Movies From Worst To Best

7. Pay The Ghost (2015)

Voltage Films

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 11%

A supernatural thriller starring Nicolas Cage as a man whose son is kidnapped on Halloween sounds like a lot of fun, and though it is entertaining seeing Cage strutting around in cowboy garb, this one ultimately takes itself way, way too seriously.

There's a terrific drinking game to be made out of taking a shot every time a character says "pay the ghost", but aside from a few unintentionally funny moments, it's a cliched slog even if Cage is his usually compelling, watchable self, and Sarah Wayne Callies (who plays his wife) is far better than she needs to be.

Sensing the stank a mile off, distributor RLJ Entertainment released this one straight-to-VOD the same day it had a limited cinema release. Somehow, though, the movie made over $1 million theatrically in Mexico...


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