Ranking September 2017's Movies From Worst To Best

1. Strong Island

Strong Island

RottenTomatoes Score: 100% (8.5/10)

Box Office: As was quite a pattern for September's very best films, Strong Island was released on Netflix.

Verdict: Quite possibly the best and most affecting documentary of the year, Strong Island sees director Yance Ford recounting the murder of her brother and detailing how the justice system failed to punish his killer.

A nuanced examination of race and "justice" in America, the film packs a colossal emotional punch in large part due to Ford, who frequently appears in front of the camera to offer her heartbreaking perspective on events.

It is nothing if not the most noble and empowering use of the cinematic art form, and an absolute must-see. Hopefully the Academy will recognise its brilliance and it'll land a Best Documentary nomination next year.

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