Ranking The Mission: Impossible Movies - From Worst To Best

6. Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)


The clear-cut black sheep of the series. Even the continuity has (basically) ignored the events since, making the whole barmy experience feel like some mid-noughties fever dream.

It was the closest the franchise has come to directly apeing the James Bond formula; the ensemble cast was tossed and Cruise took the spotlight as the handsome spy hero with his romance plot (with Thandie Newton) taking up the meat of the film.

Unfortunately, the leads, while an attractive pair, have zero sparks and the script - involving an uninteresting love triangle with baddie Dougray Scott - is painfully pedestrian and overly serious, resulting in the earlier segments dragging like molasses.

The last thirty minutes finally generate a pulse, with director John Woo in his element in a non-stop barrage of two-pistols shootouts, slow-motion doves and over-elaborate stunt work.

It painfully lacks the heart of Woo's better efforts though - feeling like a distilled version of his flavour for a Western audience. Plus, to be honest, the whole thing just seems silly and dated with plenty of unintentionally hilarious moments.

Still, despite its flaws and head-scratching logic, there is a goofy charm to it all; just don’t expect the razor-focused quality of the franchise's later entries.


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