Ray Liotta scores some 'Powder'

Ray Liotta has joined the already cast Forest Whitaker and Jessica Biel in Powder Blue which begins filming next month under the direction of director Timothy Linh Bui says Variety.

Scripted by Bui, the drama concerns four troubled people who connect on Christmas Eve. Liotta plays an ex-con who has been released after a 25-year stretch and reaches out to his long-lost daughter (Biel).
As we mentioned when we first talked about this movie, Whitaker will be playing a suicidal ex-priest, Jessica Biel will be playing a stripper who is struggling to look after her terminally ill son (and as mentioned above is the daugther of Liotta herself) and the other troubled character is a lovelorn mortician who is yet to be cast. Like all of the movies hunting for Academy recognition, all these stories inter-connect at the end and allow us all to reflect on our own lives and our worth in society. All the moral propaganda aside, Liotta and Whitaker can really turn it on when asked and although you could describe Jessica Biel's acting talent as questionable at best, at least she's hot to look at... especially when playing a stripper.

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