Recasting Original X-Men Movie If It Came Out Today

9. Matt Bomer - Cyclops


The character of Cyclops is a hard one to successfully portray on the big screen. It's no good just casting a charming actor with a twinkle in his eye, since you can't see the damn things - you need someone who can convincingly emote with their body language and facial expressions.

And not only does Matt Bomer look the part, but he can do just that.

Just watch him in The Nice Guys as a hitman pretending to be a friendly doctor; he says so much through his movements and presence alone, able to come off as cool, confident and magnetic all at the same time. Cyclops absolutely must possess those traits, given his romantic entanglement with Jean Grey; we need to believe that she'd fall for him despite his tricky... condition.

Elsewhere, Bomer doesn't have any franchises on the go aside from the dormant Magic Mike series, and his youthful face (the guy's 39, but doesn't look it) means he could believably play a character of Cyclops' age for a good few years.


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