Ridley Scott Announces Western Wraiths Of The Broken Land

He may be well past retirement age, but he ain't slowing down.

Ridley Scott

He's 78 years old, and he's directed more than 25 movies over the last four decades (as well as producing over a hundred), but it seems there's no slowing down the great Sir Ridley Scott. With his next movie, the Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel Alien: Covenant still in production, the workaholic filmmaker already has his next feature lined up.

Deadline report that Scott has signed on for Wraiths of the Broken Land, an adaptation of a 2013 novel by S Craig Zahler, who has himself become a filmmaker since, with 2015's acclaimed Bone Tomahawk. In common with that movie, Wraiths is a western - which is a first for Scott - and centres on two sisters forced into prostitution, whose outlaw father and brothers attempt a rescue.

However, we shouldn't expect anything too upbeat here (not that this will surprise anyone who's seen Bone Tomahawk), as we're promised a very hard-edged tale: Deadline tell us that "lives, ethics and sanity are imperiled during the wild, brutal struggle that ensues and nobody is safe."

The movie will reunite Scott with The Martian screenwriter Drew Goddard, who is adapting Zahler's novel. The film is being made by 20th Century Fox, whom Scott has worked with many times over the years (most recently with Alien: Covenant, of course), and producers on board include X-Men's Simon Kinberg.

No release dates for Wraiths of the Broken Land have been announced yet. Surely it'll have a more streamlined name by the time it comes out?

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