Once again the idiots of Twitter have decided to mercilessly kill off a celebrity. And the first victim of the year is Transformers “actor” Megan Fox.

The hashtag “RIP Megan Fox” started trending on Twitter last night, with enough people convinced of her death to make it grow to a worldwide trend quickly. The source of the hoax are as yet unknown, and as more Twitter users release that they’ve been duped into believing the This Is Forty star is no more, fans have expressed their anger.

@JackBenEdwards tweeted: “”RIP Megan Fox” twitter has killed more people than voldemort, give it a rest,” while Prita Dewi Aryanti called the hoax “a cruel joke.”

Understandably, there are now as many people talking about the hoax as there are about the possibility of the news being true, with the trend now being perpetuated by responses to the hoax, as well as criticisms of both Twitter and the odd cult of killing celebrities for the fun of it.

RIP Megan Fox

Could it all be an elaborate ploy to send cinema goers back to the cinemas to see This Is Forty? In the current world of marketing stunts, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to believe it, and this wouldn’t be the worst thing that marketeers pulled to sell their products by any means.

Megan Fox is yet to respond.

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This article was first posted on January 3, 2013