Robin Williams As Hugo Strange In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

Three hours ago Jett at Batman on Film wrote on his twitter page, almost certainly in regards to the May shooting The Dark Knight Rises;
RW as Strange? Hmm...
Presumably the 'RW' stands for Robin Williams, the usually comedic actor, whose rare and effective dramatic turn as a cold killer in Christopher Nolan's Insomnia was undeniably one of his career best. Williams has always spoke favourably about his time working with Nolan and also of his desire to not only team with the Brit director again but also of his long-running interest of appearing in a Batman movie as he's a huge fan of the Caped Crusader. Of course Williams has already come very close to appearing in a Batman movie before, twice actually. Once as Tim Burton's second choice for The Joker if Jack Nicholson had turned him down in '89. And secondly as the first choice for The Riddler in what was then a Tim Burton directed Batman Forever - but when new helmer Joel Schmaucher came on board, he chose up-and-comer Jim Carrey. Obviously it's just a rumour for now and Jett might not mean Robin Williams at all, but he must, surely. Who else could 'RW' be? Jett recently revealed he knew of Tom Hardy appearing as Bane quite some time before the official WB announcement came and hints & cryptic clues on his message boards back that up. So if he kept quiet then, why leak now in such a public way? Very curious but you would be crazy not to keep an eye on this. So far all we know for sure in terms of new characters in The Dark Knight Rises are Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Tom Hardy as Bane and a strong possibility of an appearance from Talia Al Ghul. Is there even room for Strange in this? If there is, check out One Hour Photo and indeed Insomnia and you tell me if Robin Williams is bad choice for the mad, Batman-obsessed psychiatrist. Bet you can't. The Dark Knight Rises will make another $billion in the summer of 2012.
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