Robocop 2014: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

2.- The Writers

robocop-mass-effect Sometimes it doesn't matter if a film is well acted, well produced and well distributed, sometimes the fault falls completely on the script of the film. And when you're handling with such a big name like Robocop you must take a lot of care when developing the screenplay. In this particular case, the screenplay runs in the hands of Joshua Zetumer, Nick Shenk, James Vanderbilt and David Self; Shenk wrote the screenplay for the critically acclaimed Gran Torino; while Self on the other hand wrote Road to Perdition and Thirteen Days; Vanderbilt on the other hand wrote The Amazing Spiderman and Zodiac. However this will be Zetumer's first work, so its too early to judge him. With such a team of well known writers who've made serious and very interesting films, it seems that the possibilities for this film to fail because of the script will be very low.

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