RoboCop Remake Trailer: 5 Things We Learned

5. The Crime War

Sin Título 11 One of the things that many people feared from the movie was that the crime in this movie won't be presented as such a big deal, since it's a PG-13 movie (odd, since as far as I know many good films feature cool crime scenes and they're PG-13, but I digress) however based on the first scenes from the trailer I can see how destroyed Detroit is in the movie. Looting, social disobedience, criminals armed with AK-47's, it's really understandable why a corporation that is dedicated to send Drones to war zones would be interested to create something designed specifically for a place like that one. Speaking of which, based on the first set pictures we saw of the movie as well as the overall tone it looks like Padilha drew a bit of an inspiration with the whole Drone ordeal that is going on right now, since that will be one of the main reasons why Omnicorp will decide to include a man inside a machine. There's also the small detail about the way Murphy will become Robocop in this movie. Many argue that it won't be as violent nor as gruesome as the original one, since this time he will be victim of a car bomb. However just look at how bad he is in the trailer: If it's already painful when you burn yourself with a match now imagine how much pain did he went through during the explosion that turned him into Robocop. In that department I don't think there will be much of a problem.

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