Rumour: Anne Hathaway Linked With BARBARELLA

11 hours ago, Pajiba's mostly reliable Hollywood Cog wrote on twitter (spotted via Bleeding Cool)...
A. Hathaway latest "attached" to "Barbarella." Project currently is without a director.
Which if true is an unexpected and highly interesting development but the limitations of twitter mean I am left with a thousand questions. Which studio is backing this? Who owns the property now that Dino De Laurentiis has passed? Previously Universal were to finance Robert Rodriguez's version three years ago which was to star his then romantic partner Rose McGowan but they balked because of the spiralling $100 million budget, and the question mark over his lead star. A year ago, Robert Luketic (Killers) became attached to a script with 'a big intergalactic adventure with a sexy twist' feel from Joe Gazzam but presumably things have moved on. Will this be a faithfully high-camp, highly sexualised adaptation, or will it be turned into a more straight laced sci-fi adventure movie? 'Lara Croft' in Space, for example. Has the ambitions of Barbarella changed now an A-lister is being sought, rather than a B-movie actress? Just who is the Hollywood Cog? Why on Earth, at this stage of her career where offers for interesting dramatic roles will be at her door everyday and she's been circling popcorn projects such as The Dark Knight Rises and she's rumoured to be circling Superman: The Man of Steel - would this role hold any interest for her?

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