Samuel L. Jackson Joins Chris Rock In New Saw Movie

Jackson and Rock to spearhead the upcoming NINTH outing for the Saw franchise.

Samuel L. Jackson attends the Marvel press line on day 3 of Comic-Con International on Saturday, July 26, 2014, in San Diego. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)
Richard Shotwell/AP

As Lionsgate powers forward with its next Saw installment, now comes word that Samuel L. Jackson will be starring alongside Chris Rock in the movie.

Previously, we’d heard how Rock was spearheading a return for the Saw franchise, with the famed funny man a huge fan of the Saw series. Now, Variety and Bloody Disgusting have revealed that Rock will be joined in this ninth Saw offering by Jackson, The Handmaids Tale’s Max Minghella, and Riverdale’s Marisol Nichols.

In this to-be-titled new Saw picture, Rock and Minghella will be playing a pair of detectives who are investigating a set of gnarly murders. Nichols will be playing the police captain barking orders at the duo, while Jackson is to play the father of Rock’s character.

Plot details forthe movie are being kept hush-hush at this stage, although Lionsgate’s Joe Drake has promised an “unexpected and sinister new story” that will look to expand on the established world we’ve seen throughout the previous eight Saw movies.

From a script by Jigsaw’s Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg – based on an idea from Chris Rock – this next Saw entry will be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. This is a director who is more than familiar with the franchise, of course, with Bousman having helmed Saw II, Saw III, and Saw IV.

This ninth Saw movie is due to start filming next week ahead of an October 23rd, 2020 release. And in case you were wondering, there’s still nothing official on whether Tobin Bell will be returning as John Kramer, aka The Jigsaw Killer.

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