kirkshatnerThe question of whether or not William Shatner will appear in the new Star Trek just won’t go away. It’s reminiscent of the whole Sean Connery/Indy IV saga, and the only way the rumours will end is if Shatner or JJ Abrams comes out and make a statement in the way that Connery did (the quicker the better, if you ask me).

Trek Movie is running a story that puts a new spin on proceedings. Producer Stratton Leopold gave an interview to his local paper and the following part of the piece is quite intriguing:-

Leonard Nimoy will be back as Spock”, said Leopold, and studio executives still hope to convince William Shatner to suit up as Captain Kirk one more time.

It was previously thought that the Trek team were trying to find a place in the film for Shatner and if they could he’d be on board. Could they have finally cracked the Shat conundrum? With Leonard Nimoy already cast, it would make sense, and perhaps be fitting if they included the original Captain Kirk. However, if the actor is suddenly now having second thoughts then it’d be a real shame if he didn’t show up. I’m not much of a Trek fan, but is Nimoy without Shatner like Murtaugh without Riggs or would you be happy with just ‘ol Spock?

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This article was first posted on August 14, 2007