Solo: A Star Wars Story - 10 Questions We Still Have

Will Qi'ra bite the dust?

Solo A Star Wars Story Emilia Clarke

The world is just days away from feasting their eyes on Solo: A Star Wars Story, and while early reviews have trended broadly positive, it's safe to say that most Star Wars fans are still eagerly anticipating their latest slice of space opera goodness.

There is understandable scepticism about the project given the rather public production troubles, but nevertheless, there are many enticing, burning questions that fans can't wait to have answered.

The marketing, to its credit, hasn't just blown its wad all over the place by revealing too much in order to battle the wave of lukewarm PR, so fans should at least go into Solo without knowing too much (for the standards of a prequel, anyway).

From the genesis of Han (Alden Ehrenreich) himself to the fates of the movie's new characters and the potential for some juicy legacy cameos, so much remains up in the air about this movie.

While the reviews indicate that Solo isn't a great film, hopefully director Ron Howard will at least serve up fun, surprising answers to these questions and more...


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