Spectre Reviews: 11 Early Reactions You Need To Know

10. The Opening Shot Is Incredible

One of the most common quarters of praise among all reviews (even the negative ones) has been for the film's opening shot, a 4-minute single-take tracking shot which sees Bond weaving his way through Mexico's Day of the Dead festival in pursuit of an assailant. It's been called "a typically explosive affair" and "an instant all-time greatest moment in the franchise", with many reviewers agreeing that it contributes to making the pre-title sequence one of the series' most thrilling. Some noted that the PTS feels like a lot of effort for a relatively small pay-off, but after Royale and Skyfall in particular boasted such riveting and memorable openers, it's a pleasure to hear that Spectre isn't coming far behind. This consensus also reflects a general reverence for cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema, who, while struggling to live up to Roger Deakins' unforgettable lensing on Skyfall, nevertheless holds his own with one of the series' better-looking efforts, unsurprising given how gorgeous he made Interstellar look (regardless of your opinion of the film itself).

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