Spider-Man: Homecoming - 10 Valid Criticisms That Can't Be Ignored

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Spider-Man: Homecoming has done a bang-up job of delivering arguably the most faithful big-screen adaptation of the web-slinger to date, well and truly putting him back in his audience's good graces after three mediocre cinematic efforts in a row.

With critical acclaim, a strong fan reception and impressive box office haul so far, Spidey's back at the top of his game, even if in this rapturous period it's important not to forget that the movie sure isn't perfect.

It's a firm foundation to work from and arguably the best Spider-Man movie in a number of key areas, but don't lose sight of its many flaws which will hopefully be rectified in time for 2019's sequel...

10. It's Another Flat-Looking Marvel Movie

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One of the most consistent complaints about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that the majority of the movies are rather flat, even bland looking when it comes to cinematography.

Sure, the Guardians of the Galaxy movies look ravishing and Doctor Strange was suitably trippy, but The Avengers and Ant-Man in particular were framed and lensed with all the panache of a mid-budget TV movie, which becomes quite grating on repeat viewings.

Though Homecoming isn't nearly as flat as those egregious examples, it's still probably the most visually bland of the six Spider-Man movies to date, especially compared to the Sam Raimi trilogy, which overflowed with colour and visual wit.

So much of this movie has the same washed-out look that's derisively referred to as Marvel's much-discussed "house style", and considering the visual potential of even the most unassuming Spider-Man film, it's a shame this one didn't really begin to take advantage of it.


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