Spider-Man: Homecoming - Logan Marshall-Green's Villain Finally Revealed

Are The Vulture's gang The Enforcers?

Spider Man Homecoming Jackson Brice

When he was first announced as a cast member for Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was widely expected that he was playing a villain - leading to some concerns that the film was going to be over-stuffed in the same way that Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were.

The subsequent secrecy about his character - including during the set visits that all reported that Marshall-Green's character name was being withheld because it was recognisable to fans - added to those concerns, rather unfortunately. After all, he'd have to be a sizeable villain for his name to matter that much, meaning we'd be getting him plus TheVulture, The Tinkerer AND The Shocker, plus Vulture's gang (including Donald Glover and Michael Mando's unnamed characters.)

But now it seems those fears can be put aside a little, as his character name has been revealed finally, and he's not THAT much of a big deal.

MCU Exchange have confirmed that he's playing one of Adrian Toomes' clean-up crew called Jackson “Montana” Brice, which is a name comic book fans will recognise. In the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, he went on to become the Shocker, which fits in with suspicions that there will be TWO Shockers in Homecoming.

Interestingly, Montana was also a member of The Enforcers in the comics, which could suggest that Marshall-Green and his fellow mystery characters are playing a version of the hired goons who have been associated with Lightmaster, Kingpin, Norman Osborn and the Sandman at various times in the comics' history.

Could it be that Donald Glover and Michael Mando will also be revealed to be members of the original Enforcers team? Maybe that's why they've remained nameless all this time? Might they be playing either Fancy Dan and Ox (the Enforcers members who worked with Montana) or later members Snake Marston and Hammer Harrison?

Also, since Montana was known as an expert lasso-wielder in the comics, might we see some full-blooded cowboy action in Homecoming too? All very interesting questions.

Are you happy with the reveal of another Shocker in Homecoming? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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