Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer 2: 12 Major Plot Reveals

The new Spidey trailer is excellent, but does it far give too much away?

Spider Man Homecoming Trailer Plot
Marvel Studios

The second trailer for Spider-Man's Marvel homecoming came swinging in earlier this week, generating a whole lot of hype that had been somewhat lacking up 'til that point.

It's an impressive tease, perfectly capturing the tone of the film and showing just how great Tom Holland is as both Spidey and Peter Parker. There's also a lot of Tony Stark (gotta get your money's worth outta RDJ), best friend Ned stealing the show, and a much better look at Michael Keaton's villainous Vulture.

However, as many fans have also noted, it does seem to be very heavy on the plot details. This isn't a typically Marvel move (obviously they do give things away, such is the nature of trailers, but not often to this extent), but Sony do have previous with this, in particular with Spidey: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer especially gave lots away.

So have they really repeated the trick here? Hopefully not, and that there are still a few surprises up the film's webbed-sleeves, though the film looks like a hell of a lot of fun regardless. However, there is a lot we can glean about the plot of the movie from the latest two-minute look at it.

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