Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse - 28 Easter Eggs & References Explained

How many Marvel nods did you catch?

Spider-Man Spider Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a tremendous, affecting love-letter to all things Peter Parker, and if you've been lucky enough to see it, you'll understand that that statement is reflected in pretty much every aspect of the film itself.

Whether it be the stunning animation, the wonderful performances or the very nature of the story, Into the Spider-Verse is a triumph of the superhero genre, and even, perhaps, the greatest Spider-Man movie ever made.

A slightly more obvious way of illustrating the film's admiration for Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's creation however - at least for the most hardcore of True Believers out there - would be to make note of the many, many Easter Eggs present within its 117 minute runtime. The film is jam-packed with little nods to the web-slinger's wider mythos, and even some that have nothing to do with him.

It's the same kind of meta-textual comedy that proved to be such a hit in The Lego Batman Movie, and it works just as well for Spidey as it did for the Dark Knight. So, with references to comics, films and TV shows aplenty, let's take a look at all the Easter Eggs from Into the Spider-Verse.


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