Spider-Man Movie Rumour: We Might Be Getting More Spider-Verse Spin-Offs

Who wouldn't want a Spider-Ham movie?!

Spider Ham

Now an Oscar-winning film (but still robbed of its justified Best Film nomination), Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse remains one of the most profoundly impressive movies of not just 2018 but ever. It is an animated triumph of vision and imagination and by rights, it should change the way animated movies are made.

Best of all for fans, there's already plans for a sequel focusing on Miles Morales and a spin-off led by Spider-Gwen that will focus on several different female Spider-Man characters. On top of that, there are whispers of further spin-offs, including TV shows and John Mulaney has apparently pitched a Spider-Ham feature spin-off. Let's hope he gets his own way.

On top of that, though, Sony are rumoured to already be considering more spin-offs. According to Discussing Film, citing unnamed sources, the studio are entertaining the idea of greenlighting spin-off movies.

It would make sense, too, because there's potential for each of the Spider-Verse characters to get their own movies. Who wouldn't want to see Jake Johnson's Peter Parker fighting his own villains? Who'd turn down a black and white, noir classic with Spider-Man Noir? Why would anyone say no to a Peni Parker / SP//dr movie? They'd all be just as well received as Into The Spider-Verse.

It's just a shame that the original movie didn't make more money, because we'd already be talking about some of those movies as more than just rumours. But at least there's already some concrete plans.

It turns out that we were robbed of some more Spider-Ham in the final film as a deleted scene has revealed an alternate take of one scene that showed more of Porker. A lot more of him...

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