Spider-Man: What Every Major Movie Villain ALMOST Looked Like

The Web-Head's villains who might have been...


Trawling through concept art is like wandering through an alternate universe where familiar characters from the screen look entirely different (sometimes better, sometimes absolutely not). These exhibitions of what could have been tend to be at their best and most revelatory when they're dedicated to comic book movies, where interpretations seem to be the wildest (on top of character designs at source that are already pretty weird!)

And as well as all of the MCU's villains looking wildly different in alternate concept designs, Spider-Man's movie rogues gallery almost looked a whole lot different. In some cases, there are actually versions who never even made it to the screen at all...

14. Green Goblin - Spider-Man


Infamously, some screen tests were done for the first Spider-Man with a prosthetic Goblin mask before Sam Raimi changed his mind and went for a Goblin helmet. It's hard to say whether it would have been better, but it would certainly have been a lot goofier. In contrast, the helmet concepts by Warren Manser were far more sinister and closer to the final designs...

Sony/Warren Manser

Artist James Carson also put together several concept designs, with Goblin looking more like he's wearing a military jumpsuit like Michael Keaton's Vulture or the MCU's Falcon...

Sony/James Carson

Concept artist Miles Teves and Carson also worked on similar shaped designs based on the comic book character but incorporating helmets as a sort of middle ground...


Teves even experimented with a female version of the Goblin...

Female Goblin Concept
Sony/Miles Teves
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