Spider-Man WON'T Be Changing Costumes In Far From Home

So long, Iron Spider.

Spider-Man Far From Home Old Costume

With each and every MCU feature, it's always been a given that most of the characters involved will sport a change of wardrobe. Chris Evans' Captain America has had a different look in every single film he's starred in, as have most of the Avengers. It's a simple yet effective way of keeping things fresh, and in ensuring that there's ample merchandise to be sold too.

Except, with Spider-Man: Far From Home, it looks as though the trend won't be continuing. Those familiar with its predecessor, as well as Infinity War, will know that Tom Holland's Peter Parker donned the famous Iron-Spider outfit. And though it looks set to return in the Homecoming sequel, an Instagram video uploaded by Holland would seemingly confirm that he'll be returning to the suit first seen in Captain America: Civil War.

Posted as part of a competition for The Brothers Trust, the Spidey actor can be seen sporting his second costume, and the first one designed by Tony Stark. This could of course be a flashback (we know that Far From Home is going to address the consequences of Infinity War head on), but if it's not, this could also be Marvel's way of ensuring Spidey still retains his friendly neighbourhood persona.

The wall-crawler's worn dozens and dozens of outfits in the comics before though, so there's still a chance he could fashion a new design of his own later on. For now, however, expect Peter to ditch the Iron Spider outfit, and return to the costume designed by Tony Stark back in 2016.

What do you think of this new Far From Home news? Were you expecting a new costume? Post your thoughts down in the comments below!

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