Star Trek 4: 8 Villains We Might See

It's time for all-out Klingon war, surely?

Paramount Pictures

Whilst the rebooted Star Trek films have all been well-received delights, a common criticism of the three films is that its villains have been rather lacklustre. Sadly, this summer's instalment in the franchise could be accused of the same flaw, despite having a brilliant actor like Idris Elba taking on villainous duties.

The reboot's villains, apart from Benedict Cumberbatch's Khan, have not really stood out or been a powerful presence. And even goodwill towards the rebooted Khan dissipated because of the whole "John Harrison" controversy.

There's all sorts of solutions to fixing this villain problem in the next film, and it starts with mining the Star Trek franchise's rich rogue's gallery for a villainous species, or a despicable individual, that is either memorable enough to reinvent, or obscure and ridiculed enough to show in a completely new light.

The Kelvin Timeline's Enterprise crew need an antagonist that is just as formidable a force as them, and there have been quite a few aliens over the last 50 years who could emerge from the shadows to threaten Kirk and his team like never before...


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