STAR TREK away mission to see CLOVERFIELD!

I really like the cast that J.J. Abrams has put together for STAR TREK (exceptions possibly being Pegg & Pine)…

Matt Holmes


I really like the cast that J.J. Abrams has put together for STAR TREK (exceptions possibly being Pegg & Pine) and I think the castings of Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana and John Cho were right on the nose for the type of actor and personality they needed for this flick.

And I love these photo’s. Abrams took some of his cast along with him to a premiere of CLOVERFIELD last night and as they are filming TREK right now, they all had their look and haircuts from the film. I’m finally starting to see Pine as Kirk, John Cho looks good as Sulu and Jesus, is Karl Urban goofy as hell as McCoy.

Urban as McCoy is just genius casting.

Images of the TREK crew, new poster image and interviews below.





LOTS MORE IMAGES OF THE CAST OF STAR TREK (and Lindsay Lohan who decided to attend the premiere) CAN BE FOUND AT IESB.

The IESB also have video interviews with the crew of TREK. You can see all of those HERE but the text form highlights are below…

Karl Urban – Says the new Trek movie will be cool and awesome. Says the new Enterprise looks incredible. Says he has a voice coach to get the McCoy accent. Says there’s lots for the old fans and it should draw the news fans in too. Says he is so pleased that Peter Jackson is back on board with THE HOBBIT and that Middle Earth will return to the big screen.

Chris Hemsworth – Boring.

John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Anton Yelchin and Clifton Collins Jr. – Funny interview where they all kinda looked nervous about giving anything away and the three cast members kinda look at Greenwood as a mentor before they answer anything. Collins says his work as the secondary villain under the command of Eric Bana doesn’t begin for another month, Greenwood says we will explore more of Pike in the movie and Cho says OH MY!

Robert Orci -Apparently he talks about plot elements and TRANSFORMERS 2 but I couldn’t get the video to work on that one.

Jennifer Morrison – Says the secrecy of the script was so tight, she only received the pages with her character just 48 hours before filming.

More Trek news…

The official website for the movie is now live at but it doesn’t have anything other than this below…


Remember you can see the STAR TREK trailer tomorrow in the U.S. attached to CLOVERFIELD.

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