Star Trek Into Darkness: 10 Things We Hope To See

In only a matter of a few weeks or days depending on where you live, Star Trek Into Darkness will…

Josh Costella


into darkness

In only a matter of a few weeks or days depending on where you live, Star Trek Into Darkness will be unleashed on moviegoers around the world. Four years ago, I would definitely not be someone who you could consider a “Trekker.” I had seen all of the original films and a handful of the original TV series and Next Generation episodes but that’s about it. That all changed in 2009 when J.J. Abram’s vision of Star Trek re-invigorated and updated the 40 plus year old franchise. I still cannot truly be considered a “Trekker” but the 2009 film created a genuine desire within me to go back to the beginning and see for myself what has caused this franchise to endure for so long. I’m so thankful that I did.

Star Trek Into Darkness promises at the very least, to raise the stakes in nearly every way possible from its predecessor. The famously tight-lipped creative brain-trust in charge of this new version of the franchise has done a fairly decent job in keeping the lid tight on the majority of the significant plot points and details surrounding the film. There is no shortage of people making assumptions and predictions about what we could see especially when it comes to the “true” identity of a certain character. I have my own opinions and predictions on that subject but I’ll save that for later on. Regardless, people are excited and rightfully so! I was lucky enough to be in attendance at CinemaCon last week when 18 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness was screened for an audience of exhibitors, theater owners, and a select portion of the press. I won’t be revealing any spoilers out of respect to the film and the filmmakers but I was thoroughly pleased with what I saw.

Speaking of being pleased with what I see, there are many things I hope to see when I finally get to go “Into Darkness” in a couple weeks. I’ve narrowed it down to a list of ten. I hope you enjoy it!

“So…shall we begin?”