Star Trek Into Darkness: 10 Things You Might Have Missed

8. Admiral Marcus' Starships Desk

star trek ship When Kirk is convincing Admiral Marcus to let him go after John Harrison, we see his room is adorned with models of various starships. Not as random as they first appear, each model is of a ship of some impotence to the development of Starfleet and space travel in general. Of the five ships, three are various Enterprises. There€™s the real world NASA space shuttle Enterprise. Then there€™s the obscure, ringed XCV 330 USS Enterprise which appears as a painting in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. And finally there€™s the NX-01 Enterprise from the TV show Star Trek: Enterprise. The other two are a bit more interesting. There€™s the Phoenix from First Contact, the first Earth ship to reach light speed and, foreshadowing the plot of the film, the USS Vengeance, which provides much of the action in the later part of the film. It's impressive that in one scene, Abrams€™ manages to references many different areas of Trek lore and expand upon what exists in this alternate reality.

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