Star Trek Into Darkness: New Featurette & Motion Poster


It's nearly here, only three months left to go until Star Trek Into Darkness finally hits cinema screens. With Entertainment Weekly perhaps spoiling the (unwanted) surprise that Benedict Cumberbatch is actually playing Khan earlier this month, it's a monumental achievement in this internet age that J.J. Abrams has managed to keep so many details under wrap, including confirmation of who the villain is.

So with much anticipation, a new first look featurette for Star Trek Into Darkness has been released. What details does it contain? Any tasty pieces of information to get us excited? Any hints at what the story might be? Well no, it's a montage of clips from the trailer with the cast and JJ telling us how amazing the action will be.

J.J. Abrams tells us that the audience anticipates seeing a lot of characters like Kirk, Spock, Bones (he's not called McCoy anymore), Scotty, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov, in other words the whole crew. He proudly says that the goal was to ''up the ante'' in terms of the action and make it bigger than Star Trek 2009. Zoe Saldana states that this film is what 3D was made for (even though JJ Abrams had no desire to make it 3D and was forced to by Paramount) and Chris Pine says that ''relentless'' best describes the sequel.

Clearly the focus is on selling the very impressive special effects and mind blowing action. Star Trek 2009 was a visual roller coaster and Into Darkness looks like it will be even more of a thrill ride. Those hoping for more details on what will hold those sunning set pieces together will have to keep waiting as there is not even the slightest whiff of a hint. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, so many films are spoiled before their release, that any excitement is normally subdued by the time you go to see it. So 10 points to JJ for doing what was thought impossible, and that is keep an aura on mystery around a film that will be one of the years biggest blockbusters. I just hope that Khan isn't the villain.

We also got an awesome Motion Poster with Cumberbatch telling us that he's back for vengeance. These posters will be the norm soon and this one does look really cool as we zoom back from the burning city to reveal the Star Trek Into Darkness poster.

Star Trek Into Darkness is released 17th May 2013.


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