Star Trek Into Darkness New Trailer & Final Frontier Commentary Track From Mr Plinkett

After the announcement earlier this week that people in the UK, Germany and Australia will get to see Star Trek…

Amarpal Biring



After the announcement earlier this week that people in the UK, Germany and Australia will get to see Star Trek Into Darkness one week earlier than originally planned, Paramount yesterday released a new teaser trailer which focused a lot more on Kirk.

Most of the footage in the trailer is from the 6 minute preview that was screened before The Hobbit – Kirk and McCoy running through the red forest, Spock being lowered into the Volcano and the Enterprise raising out of the water, but within there are new clips which give hints towards the plot. And I don’t think I need to say it but if you don’t what any SPOILERS, then it might be best to stop reading now.

We see Kirk in trouble and being told that he is a pain during a dressing down by Pike. This presumably will be the scene where Kirk is stripped of his command of the Enterprise after he breaks the Prime Directive. All the shots of the volcano, the red forest and the Enterprise underwater are from the opening scene where the Enterprise crew are on a mission to save a planets inhabitants from an erupting volcano. During this, Kirk inadvertently exposes the Enterprise to the natives and breaks the Prime Directive.

The other interesting clip in the trailer is short glimpse of an explosion in London with John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) watching. We know Harrison coerces Noel Clark’s character into becoming a suicide bomber on the promise that he will be able to save his sick daughter’s life, so this might be the start of the attack on Starfleet and the Federation.

The rest of the trailer is made up of intense action, Star Trek Into Darkness is not going to be boring as it appears the action will top what we saw in the 2009 movie with one sequence looking remarkably similar to a famous scene from Return of the Jedi.

Again the trailer closes with a Starfleet ship crashing into water, a lot of sites are assuming that this is the Enterprise after a screening showed it heavily damaged and plummeting to Earth. But if you look closely at the ship that crashes into the water, you will notice the Warp Nacelles look different from the huge ones on the Enterprise, so this might be one of those red herrings.

On a side note, if that is not enough Star Trek goodness for you then you will be pleased to know that Mr. Plinkett’s got a new commentary track for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Anyone familiar with Red Letter Media’s Star Wars reviews will tell you that this is well worth a listen while watching William Shatner’s Star Trek directing debut.

Check out the new trailer below and remember, Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 9th 2013 in the UK, Germany and Australia; and May 17th everywhere else.