The marketing juggernaut for Star Trek Into Darkness has begun its marathon journey before the film’s May 2013 release. People who went to watch The Hobbit at selected IMAX cinemas were treated to a nine minute preview of the beginning of the film. If you haven’t seen it or need a quick recap, you can read our review of the footage here.

Critics and audiences who have seen it have been raving about how it’s left them wanting more. ‘’Exciting,’’ ‘’Exhilarating’’ and ‘’WOW’’ are some of the buzz words that have been thrown around by people left salivating by the footage.

But if you ignore the hype and look beyond the shiny-shiny spectacle, what did the preview tell us about Star Trek Into Darkness? What can we expect from the 12th Star Trek movie? Even though it was light on details concerning plot or who the villain is, it did tell us a fair bit about other things that JJ has in store for us.

So breaking it down, here are the five things that we learned from watching the nine minute preview of Star Trek Into Darkness.

5. Visuals


Watching the footage in 3D on the IMAX screen was spectacular. One thing that Star Trek 2009 had going for it was that it was a gorgeous film to watch. I was surprised at how lush the colours looked and IML’s special effects are truly breath taking. Everything from the red forest to the Enterprise underwater, visually Star Trek Into Darkness looks the business. JJ Abrams has gone on record that he isn’t a fan of 3D and reluctantly converted Into Darkness after filming had finished. But you couldn’t tell with spears flying at you and flames from the volcano licking your face. And combined with the giant screen, that extra dimension really added a sense of scale to the landscape.

It was also interesting to see a future, Federation London. Apart from San Francisco, we never got to see what the rest of Earth looks like so this was quite a thrill.

There was also a distinct absence of lens flares. I have to say that I didn’t miss them at all and it definitely made the film less distracting to watch.

But all in all, it appears that we are in for a visual treat and Into Darkness and 3d IMAX is the way to experience it.

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This article was first posted on December 17, 2012