Star Wars: 10 Ways The Last Jedi Gets Better On Second Watch

10. You Can Appreciate The Beauty


First things first, Star Wars has always been easy on the eye ever since the original hit screens back in 1977. Back then, there was the gorgeous desert of Tatooine and, in the years that followed, audiences witnessed the beautiful Cloud City skyline and the forest moons on Endor. But The Last Jedi seriously cranks things up a notch.

It takes a second watch (particularly on 4k) to really admire the way Rian Johnson made his film a visual masterpiece. From the word go, it’s gorgeous. The opening scene of the movie, where Poe stares down the First Order in his X-Wing, sets the tone. Crait, with its white land and red interior, is a delight as well. And Canto Bright, the first-ever Star Wars casino seen in a movie, has a unique beauty to it too.

However, the standout moment when it comes to visuals is when Kylo Ren and Rey fight it out in Snoke’s throne room. The colouring - the blood red background - stands out and makes it a masterpiece. The blue and red lightsabers simmer gloriously as, for the first time in Star Wars, two sides came together. The Last Jedi’s best scene also happens to be its best-looking.


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