Star Wars: 10 Worst Crimes Committed In Its Name

10. Lightsaber Duel Gone Wrong

star wars One of the first things the non-initiated should learn about Star Wars fans is that they freaking love their lightsaber duels. I remember when I was a kid, my brothers and I would buy the plastic lightsabers and and then just whack them at each other as hard as we could. Thankfully, our injuries were almost always minor and usually the only thing that ended up breaking was the toy lightsaber itself. That was not the case for two Star Wars fans in England who wanted to have the most realistic lightsaber fight imaginable. Before commencing their epic battle, Mark Webb, 20, and Shelley Maniville, 17, decided to fill fluorescent light tubes with gasoline and light them on fire in 2005. There's a saying that if you play with fire, you're going to get burnt. That saying is still very much true when you're playing with gasoline-lit fire sticks posing as lightsabers. The fight did no last long at all because both fans suffered minor burn wounds when their lightsabers inevitably exploded. Neither would-be Jedi would be charged with a crime, their main punishment being the embarrassment of admitting that they somehow thought their explosive-lightsaber fight wouldn't end in disaster.
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