Star Wars 1313 Secret Project is Boba Fett Movie?

Lucasfilm have registered several domain name URLs with variations on the term "Star Wars 1313" this week... could it refer to the Boba Fett movie?

Lucasfilm have registered several domain name URLs with variations on the term "Star Wars 1313" this week, leading to speculation that George Lucas is working on a super secret new project that could be the previously talked about Boba Fett movie. On May 2nd, Lucasfilm registered terms such as (Whois) and (Whois) via the brand protection agency Corporate Service Company. They now own no less than eight domains with the term, including;,,,,,,, and But what does Lucasfilm plan to do with all these URLs? Well last July, Captain America: The First Avenger director Joe Johnston claimed that he was calling George Lucas constantly in the hope that he would allow him to make a spin-off Stars Wars movie based around bounty hunter Boba Fett. Johnston would have great credentials for this to happen, of course. He worked on the Star Wars movies as a concept artist and special effects technician and he created the design for the Bounty Hunter. He is as much a George Lucas creation as a Joe Johnston one. But what would a proposed Boba Fett movie have to do with "Star Wars 1313"?. Well Fusible have done some digging and suggest CT-1313 was once an alias that Boba Fett used on Aargau when he was confronted by a clone trooper in the Star Wars universe. It is a vague connection, of course. But if Lucasfilm were to be working on a super secret project and wanted to get our imaginations flowing over what it could be, then isn't that the kind of link that would work for a working title? Discuss: Is Star Wars 1313 a super secret Star Wars movie? Would you like to see a Boba Fett movie spin-off?
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