Star Wars 7: 6 Reasons That Adam Driver Will Be Jacen Solo

A Darth Vader-like villain you say? How about Darth Caedus?

Fans of the galaxy far, far away went crazy last week when it was reported that Adam Driver has been cast in the upcoming Star Wars film which is set to begin production in the upcoming months. Since it was first announced that the Walt Disney Company had acquired the rights to the Star Wars franchise and would be creating a new sequel trilogy, the internet has been buzzing about possible casting rumours and returning characters. At this point, Driver's casting in Star Was Episode VII could in fact still just be a rumour as nothing has been confirmed about his role or that of any other character up until now. With the announcement of the sequel trilogy and a number of other spin-off films also in the works, fans have been searching for any thread of news in regards to plot and story details. Star Wars fans are split between those that follow the series by what appears only on screen and die-hard purest that have followed the Star Wars Expanded Universe, which covers all items media including the films, novels, comic books and television series. In January 2014, a special "story group" had been assembled to help comb through the vast archives of the Star Wars EU and decide what was story canon and what would be cast aside. The story group should be viewed as a medium between those that follow only the films and the purest fan that devours everything that is presented to them. The creation of the story group is a win-win for fans that only follow the films and those that also follow the EU because it can be assumed that the best parts of the EU could make an appearance into the sequel trilogy and beyond The bottom line is this: when news broke that Driver would be the villain for the upcoming sequel trilogy, there was one quote that all of the media outlets were attaching to this casting: Driver would be playing a "Darth Vader-like villain". On the surface, what comes to mind is the literal return of Darth Vader from the original trilogy when it should be assumed that Driver will play a character on a similar path that Darth Vader took to the Dark Side. With that in mind, there's a good case to be put forward that before becoming this Darth Vader like villain, Adam Driver will first be the EU's version of Jacen Solo, the son of Han and Leia and grandson to Anakin Skywalker. These are the reasons why.

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