Star Wars 7: 6 Reasons That Adam Driver Will Be Jacen Solo

6. The Creation Of The Star Wars Story Group

When news broke that Lucas had sold Star Wars to Disney and that a sequel trilogy was in the works, fans of the EU immediately began speculating what this meant for the nearly 30+ years of content that had spanned beyond the events of Return of the Jedi. Most thought that whatever content had come post-Jedi was simply non-canon material and no more than glorified fan fiction, and with the establishment of the story group, Disney and Co. have acknowledged the fact that there is specific content from the EU worth keeping and expanding into the sequel trilogy. Although fans have to assume that they won't witness direct translations from famous EU novels, they have to take solice in the fact that parts of it will be seen on screen. For example, fans might not see a direct Timothy Zahn interpretation of the Thrawn trilogy but could very easily witness an onscreen appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn himself in some format or another. Going even further, you have to wonder what the point of doing this would be if the upcoming trilogy didn't have anything to do with content created in the EU. The reasoning for the story group is clear: go through the Star Wars EU and first determine what was canon and what is worth taking and using on screen. A number of characters and places that appeared in the prequel trilogy have roots in the EU so why not use it as source material for the sequel trilogy and beyond? It's really not that hard to imagine that if Han and Leia have kids that they will go by the names established by those in the EU.


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