Star Wars: 9 Ideas For The New Trilogy & TV Show

1. Knights Of The Old Republic

Star Wars Knights of the old republic revan

It's an unwritten rule that any article discussing potential Star Wars projects must mention Knights of the Old Republic, but with good reason: it is an exceptional story, and one that is ripe for a live-action adaptation.

Ok, Johnson is creating something "new", but KOTOR would be new to the film series and it'd firm up its place in the canon, so it would be new to the accepted Disney-era 'lore' of Star Wars. Alternatively, if that doesn't wash, then it'd potentially work just as well on TV as it would on the big screen.

The story takes place roughly around 4,000BBY, and charts the battles between the Jedi and the Sith. However, the lightsabers may be the same but the settings could be given a more medieval feel, and we'd be introduced to a raft of new, complex characters on both sides. Revan, for example, is one of the deepest in Star Wars lore, and his rise and fall across a trilogy or TV series could be immense, but if necessary they could adapt it to new characters instead while retaining some of the same beats.

You've got bitter, personal rivalries, shocking twists, huge battles, intense lightsaber action, good vs evil but plenty shades of grey, political manoeuvring, and everything else required to make something truly great in the Star Wars world.

What do you want to see from the new trilogy and TV show? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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