Star Wars Episode 7: 10 Reasons J.J. Abrams Will Ruin It

With the shocking news yesterday that, yes, J.J. Abrams will be directing Star Wars Episode 7, the Internet nerd collective has been aflutter, pondering what this means for the future landscape of the series, and given its further-reaching complications, also the path that sci-fi might take from here. The move was a surprise to many given that Abrams denied his involvement with the project recently, and also because of his work on the Star Trek series. Needless to say, many are ecstatic about the choice of Abrams, noting his experience in the genre and his general directorial prowess. You might not believe it after reading this article, but I am a fan of Abrams' work; he's got issues like anyone, but he usually delivers solid popcorn entertainment with a dash of intelligence, though just because I like him, that doesn't mean I think him suited for a project of this kind. Of course, he could knock it out of the park and prove me wrong, and believe me, I would love to see that happen. Here are 10 reasons J.J. Abrams will ruin Star Wars Episode 7.

10. Too Much Lens Flare

Yes, it's been clogging up my Twitter feed and frankly has already gotten pretty tiresome, so it's worth getting this point out of the way first; J.J. Abrams certainly loves his lens flare. Used to particularly disarming and eventually irritating effect in Star Trek and Super 8, it's one of those stylistic flourishes that was neat the first time we saw it, but after your eyes have adjusted to the artifice of it and we accept that it's just a CGI garnish, it becomes an irksome artefact that often clouds the screen. Given how often he's criticised for it, there's the hope that he will be toning it down for the impending Star Trek Into Darkness, and then, of course, depending on the reception of that aesthetic - which would surely be positive compared to his previous one - he would stick with it for Episode 7. It's a shame as Abrams is capable of some visually stunning sequences, though he too often overcrowds them with busy and unnecessary touches like this; let the mood speak for itself.
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