Star Wars: Episode 9 - 10 Things The Fans Demand

A wishlist from a galaxy far, far away.


Much like the galaxy at the peak of the Empire's power, the Star Wars fanbase is divided. The Last Jedi may have impressed most critics but not everyone was convinced by its attempts to subvert expectations at every turn.

Director Rian Johnson was determined to tell his own story, unbound by past events, and he flat-out refused to address some of the burning questions posed by The Force Awakens, and the ones he did answer took the saga is* wholly unexpected directions.

This leaves the sequel trilogy in an uncertain position ahead of the release of next year's Episode IX. As fresh and bold as The Last Jedi was, you can bet that Disney was alarmed by its Rotten Tomatoes audience score of just 46%.

No doubt the Mouse House will be desperate to hit that sweet spot between critical acclaim and a happy fanbase the next time around, not least because next year's instalment is the culmination of four decades' worth of storytelling.

The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams is the man who has been tasked with delivering that, and although there isn't much Star Wars fans unanimously agree on these days, most would be thrilled if Episode IX included the following.


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