Star Wars Episode IX: 10 Directors Who Could Replace Colin Trevorrow

Will Rian Johnson return for Episode IX?

Denis Villeneuve Arrival

The shocking news that Colin Trevorrow has stepped down as director of Star Wars Episode IX has sent shockwaves around the web, as rumours circulate about the reasons for his departure, whether the movie will now be delayed, and most importantly, who will replace him.

Trevorrow was a controversial and disappointing choice for many, so this is certainly an instance where the prospect of another director taking the reins is a positive, especially as the movie isn't set to start shooting until January (though without a finished script, this may be pushed back).

Star Wars mega-producer Kathleen Kennedy will certainly have her pick of a slew of talented filmmakers who will want the gig, and whether she picks a safe veteran of the old-guard or a more exciting young talent, she needs to lock down a filmmaker who will appreciate the import of Episode IX and the responsibility of directing it.

Fans probably won't have to wait more than few days to find out who the replacement is, but until then, let the speculation run rampant...


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