Star Wars: Episode VIII - Predicting The Entire Plot In 11 Steps

It's going to be a lot darker, for one thing.

J.J. Abrams - and Disney, to be more specific - were notoriously tight-lipped when it came to the marketing campaign for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The two-year-long build up to Episode VII's unveiling was a notably tricksy process, filled with purposeful misconceptions, red herrings and a lack of proper footage. The studio teased Mark Hamill's return in the movie, and yet he only appears for twenty-five seconds. Finn was shown holding a lightsaber, and yet Rey turned out to be the Jedi character. All this made trying to predict the plot of the movie near impossible - even with all the spoilers and leaks that had people trying to do exactly that anyway. Which means that trying to predict the plot of Episode VIII, just under a year and a half before it's released in cinemas, is near-on an exercise in futility. And yet that's no reason to not give it a go anyway, right? Surely there's enough information out there to at least have a shot? What follows is an attempt to guess the entire plot of Star Wars: Episode VIII, a film which doesn't even have a subtitle yet, in 11 steps. Call it a hopeful estimate at what could be...

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