Star Wars: Han Solo Spin-Off - 8 Things That Will Definitely Happen

8. Winning The Falcon Off Lando

Han is so intrinsically linked to the Millennium Falcon that it€™s difficult to picture it ever belonging to anyone else; it€™s his ship. Except, of course, it wasn€™t always that way.

It is revealed in The Empire Strikes Back, in an exchange between Han and Lando, that he actually won it (€œfair and square€) from his old friend a long time ago.

The film should explore how the two smugglers became good friends - probably with a lot of womanising involved - and show just how Han managed to win the ship. In the now discarded EU it was a Sabacc (a popular card game across the galaxy) tournament on Cloud City, and if the movie followed a similar path then we could be in for some Casino Royale-esque card playing. And you€™d imagine that the way Han wins wouldn't actually be fair or square.

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