Star Wars Rogue One: 12 Most Awesome Moments

Donnie Yen FTW.


While Rogue One didn’t have the crushing weight of expectation that The Force Awakens did, it still had a lot of people to please. It had to tell a story where everyone knew the outcome already, but still, make it feel fresh. It also had to expand the universe and tell a darker story, and show everyone that the spin-off titles are as important as the main series.

No small order, and if rumours of expensive reshoots are any indication Disney were taking no chances with it either. It paid off in the end since Rogue One is a great addition to the Star Wars canon. It’s a got a dark edge for sure, but the characters are intensely likeable, the action is exciting and the level of fan pandering is just about right.

Director Gareth Edwards has done a great job balancing everything, and the movie has a number of standout scenes and moments that fans will be dissecting for many years to come; here’s a few of them.

12. The Return Of Grand Moff Tarkin


While it felt inevitable he’d appear in some form, it wasn’t clear just how much of a role old Moff Tarkin would play in Rogue One's story. It’s slightly chill-inducing when he first appears, but it looks like the movie will play it safe and only film him from behind.

Then it gloriously throws caution to the wind, and he’s revealed in all his Peter Cushing-recreated glory. While some fans have found the CGI Moff distracting, it can’t be denied the filmmakers have done a truly excellent job. Everything from the voice to the mannerisms perfectly recalls Cushing, and it’s great the character plays an active role in the story instead of being a quick fan serving cameo.

Maybe this recreation was a way for studios to test audience tolerance for resurrected actors, and while the CG isn’t 100% there yet, this has to be the best example to date.


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