Star Wars: Rogue One - 9 Ways It Actually Improves The Original Trilogy

You'll never watch A New Hope the same way again.

Star Wars Rogue One Hyperspace

Star Wars: Rouge One, or Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, or STRO, or Episode 3.5, or The Dirty Dozen In Space, or K-2SO's Comedy Vehicle, or whatever, is now officially in the books. Boy howdy, wasn't it wonderful?

Taking us back to the weeks leading up to Episode 4, Rogue One tells the story of how the Rebel Alliance came to be in possession of the plans for the Death Star. It takes to planets and settings both new and familiar, introduces us to a host of previously unmentioned characters, and cements a lot of lore after nearly 40 years of mythology.

But while the film itself is being heralded as a triumph - both in context of the Star Wars universe and as a piece of cinema in general - how it reshapes the franchise as a whole is just starting to come into focus. Suddenly, dangling plot threads have vanished, new questions have been raised, and that universe as a whole feels like a much more complete, more lifelike place to visit.

Very few films in history manage to impact on the rest of their franchise, but Rogue One might just have made the original Star Wars trilogy that much better. Here, and WithSpoilersObviously, is why.

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